About Us


Our core competency is our ability to help clients identify and capitalize on trends that are not yet widely recognized, that are already transforming the health industry.

We provide critical insight, guidance, and hands-on support that helps clients lead their markets preemptively.

Our approach to industry transformation, market leadership, and quality systems development is the secret behind many of the health industry's most widely-recognized market leaders.

Our client support services are continually refined to reflect what has already happened in the health industry that has yet to have full impact.

Our founder and many of our subject matter experts studied with Peter F. Drucker at The Claremont Colleges' Drucker School of Management near Los Angeles, California.

Our team has years of thought and practice-leading experience guiding strategy, leadership and general management initiatives within Fortune 500 and start-up companies at the convergence of the healthcare, information technology, and business-to-business sectors.

Mission Accomplished serves organizations in both emerging and mature HC-IT-B2B markets, such as:

  • healtchare-informatics and nation-wide health information network (NHIN) solution providers, including standard-setting organizations (SSOs);
  • socioeconomic-economic development organizations in the public, private, and not-for-profit sectors;
  • e-health organizations, software application, and information system developers, value-added resellers (VARs), application service providers (ASPs), vendors of Web services, business intelligence consultancies, and data warehousing, data analysis, and data reporting companies;
  • supply chain stakeholders including integrated delivery networks (IDNs), group purchasing organizations (GPOs), and distributors;
  • authors, magazine editors, and publishing houses;
  • health plans, provider organizations, practitioner trade associations, disease management and wellness ventures, and consumer advocacy groups; and
  • pharmaceutical, biologics, and medical device manufacturers.